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What is my Pachinko Machine worth?

What is my pachinko machine worth?   Short answer....Whatever someone will give you for it!  Click here for more info.  

I was recently contacted by a customer who wanted to have a pachinko machine restored.  The machine belonged to his wife.  Her father had bought it for her many years ago and she had fond memories of playing the machine.  Years passed and so did her father.  My customer (the husband) found the machine and sent it to me for restoration.  "Make it like new again." he told me.  I did a full restoration and sent it back to him.  On 9-9-20, he surprised his wife by letting her open the big box I use to ship machines.  

  These are the moments that make my work so important to me!

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1974 Nishijin Model A

Fully restored - Fully Functional

$700 plus shipping

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1973 Nishijin Model A Recycler

What my customers are saying.

I recently sold a pachinko machine on eBay.  What follows is the comments of the new owner.

  Needless to say I am very proud of this one!

 "The whole transaction, from beginning to end, was nothing but an extreme pleasure. I wish more EBay

 Vendors would actually follow suit, "get their act together," and deliver that which they allegedly postulate to do so ..

 Vendors such as Dan Welch, dba Magic Pachinko Restorations, are "rare" ... It was my pleasure to do business with not only a consummate professional, "but a gentleman in the highest-regard".

Dr. Holt

I recently purchased a restored pachinko machine from Dan. What an awesome experience. From the first contact through to the FaceTime call to walk me through the working and understanding to debug issues of the machine after it was received was a great experience and shows his caring for customers and knowledge of the products. I highly recommend purchasing from Magic Pachinko Restorations.

Steve P.

From the moment I contacted Dan about restoring a dusty, old Pachinko machine, he was terrific. He began working as soon as he received the machine, and he updated me regularly on his progress by texting photos and Facetiming. It is obvious that he enjoys his work and interacting with customers. After he sent back the finished machine -- which looks beautiful -- he made himself available on several occasions to answer my questions about mounting and playing the Pachinko. What a pleasure to deal with Dan. Highly recommended!

Nick H.

Dan was amazingly helpful, informative and fast. His depth of knowledge about the machine was incredible, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a pachinko machine that needs some love.

Aaron Van D.

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