Magic​ Pachinko Restorations

Have  your old dirty, rusty, Vintage Pachinko Machine turned into a family heirloom treasure!

Success Stories

So many of my customer restorations have a back story about the machine.  There is usually a tremendous amount of sentimental value to the machines.  I love to hear the history of how the machine was acquired and how it was used many years ago.  The best part is hearing how the restored machine is now accepted into it's "new life"!  Makes my job all the better.

Below are some of those stories.

"Hi Dan,

Here is the machine.

Just wanted to share that this machine means a lot to my Dad.  He bought it while in the service during the Vietnam War and brought it home.  For forty years he has volunteered to help kids in soccer and through Special Olympics and is just getting too ill to continue.  Since then he has had several health issues including amputations and can no longer function without help.  It is my intention to give him this to play with and show his friends at his new living space because it used to bring him joy.   I cannot wait to give it to him.  Your work will make the most important person in my life happy!"

Mike G.

I have had two instances where the husband has found his wife's pachinko machine that she had when she was a child.  They were sent to me for restorations and returned.  Both were given to the ladies as birthday surprises!

Similar story with a daughter who sent me her Mom's machine and then gave it to her also as a birthday surprise.