Magic​ Pachinko Restorations

Have  your old dirty, rusty, Vintage Pachinko Machine turned into a family heirloom treasure!

The Restoration Process

Functional Restoration

This process removes the "guts" of your machine.  They get completely disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. 

 The board gets sanded and sealed with polyurethane.  Once the 'guts" are back in position, I check the lighting system 

and replace the bulbs and fuse to be able to handle a 12VDC power unit that is installed.

The front feed tray and ball handling mechanism are removed and cleaned. 

The chrome frame is removed and cleaned and replaced.  New plexiglass is installed if necessary.

I also do some minor cosmetic cleaning.

This gives you a fully funcitonal working machine for you and your family to enjoy.

Price: $450 plus the shipping charges

Full Restoration

Imagine if you will, that you are a worker at a Japanese Pachinko factory.  You sit down at your workbench and spread out before you is every individual part you need to build a Pachinko Machine.  All of the plastic parts are clean, the metal is rust free, all of the brass has been polished back to its original shine and the wood is now clean, smooth and coated with polyurethane.  There is a new playfield ready to be installed.

Once I receive your pachinko, I spend about three days tearing it apart into its individual parts

 Everything gets cleaned and made ready to reinstall.  

I start by laying down a new playfield.  The original ones are almost always faded and water stained.  

The brass nails which have been polished are then hammered back into the main board.  

The stainless steel rails go back on next followed by all of the trim pieces, pay pockets and tulips.  

Then all of the plastic "guts" are reattached to the back of the board along with all the other parts.  

Most of the time I rewire the original wire harness to insure the solder connections, 

add new 12V light bulbs and wire in a 12V wall transformer.

The machine is replaced into its frame of red mahogany (which has been planed smooth, sanded and given two coats of polyurethane)

 and then completely tested to insure it functions correctly.

I then create  a short video that shows what I've done to the machine, 

how to set it up and maintain it and showing the machine in action.  

Price: $900 plus shipping charges

Complete Restoration Video

This short YouTube video gives you a good idea of the detail I go to when I do a complete restoration.

Partial Restoration

The amount of work done to your machine is always up to you.  

Once I receive your machine and  give it a good look, I will call you and together we can discus what you'd like done. 

 For example, you might not want a complete restoration. 

You only want the machine cleaned up and put back in working order. 

 No problem!  I will do whatever you want me to do.  

It's your machine after all!

Contact me for pricing information in the "Contact Me" section.