Magic​ Pachinko Restorations

Have  your old dirty, rusty, Vintage Pachinko Machine turned into a family heirloom treasure!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried to answer most of the questions I get on a regular basis.  If you have one that is not listed below or require more information, 

 Contact Me.

Can I ask you a question about my pachinko machine?

Absolutely!  I enjoy talking to pachinko owners and am always willing to answer any questions you might have.   "Contact Me"

Do you buy pachinko machines?

I am always looking to buy vintage pachinko machines.  However, with the common variety that most people have, the cost of shipping the machine usually outweighs the value of the machine.  (See "What is my pachinko machine worth?")

Do you sell parts or pachinko balls?

I rarely have to scrap a machine so I don't have any excess of extra parts for pachinko machines.  There are times when I have extra pachinko balls and I'll sell them off, but it's easier to get them on eBay.

I do make my own custom stabilization feet for all my restored machines.  If you'd like a pair, ($25 shipped) just ask!

Do you restore other types of machines?

Yes.  I have restored other vintage coin operated machines.  I'm always looking for a new challenge!

How does my vintage pachinko machine work?  How do I clear jams in my machine?

This video will answer both those questions!